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CNC Machine Repair and Services has been acquired by Advanced Machinery in March 2018. This website has not been updated since.

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If you are having trouble getting good consistent service on your existing CNC Router, give the friendly, trained technicians at a call. We service most other brands as well as our own, and will be glad to help you get your machine back up and running as quickly as possible. manufactures offers the variety of space saving CNC routers that would meet your specific application requirements along with which they offer the unique CNC Router Maintenance. is the most technically advanced manufacturer of high technology machine tools called CNC Routers. also develops, manufactures, distributes and supports allied software, technology, equipment and service intended primarily for the manufacturing sector. products are used in a wide variety of industries, markets and applications throughout the developed world. is highly committed to offering the most advanced, capable and efficient manufacturing technology backed by unsurpassed service and support. If you have Trouble in getting the best consistent service for your CNC Machine, we offer you the friendly and trained technicians to aid your instant CNC Router Maintenance at your call.

Our service includes in the wide area of CNC Router Maintenance and assists you with the modern tools and techniques for making your company’s machinery running and producing efficiently. We recommend to implement our effective routine maintenance services frequently or yearly depending on level of your production to increase its performance in the abundant manner. We have friendly and high skilled technicians who have the best ideas for improving the performance of your CNC Router. Our team is well equipped with modern tools to check on your troubleshooting issues with increasing the mode of performance effectively. Time consuming techniques are implemented to improvise the CNC Routers.

We offer you the 4 to 8 hours of maintenance check on the service. Schedule your CNC Router Maintenance with our experienced team today to avoid any type of costly downtime.
The strength of the company is in it’s personnel, and as a service company working in a very sophisticated field of repair and maintenance of cnc machines, we have qualified and highly trained technicians.